Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Steps to Start Your Own Business

First Thing You Would Need To Do When Considering Starting Your Own Business. The spark or inspiration for starting one’s own business could be different for different people. For somebody, if it is the urge to become independent and prove oneself to the world, for others, it could simply be the hate towards their boss. Either way, starting one’s own business is not at all an easy task. Rome is not built one fine day. Similarly, to build a business and make it successful, it takes lots of planning, dedication, and effort. Also, no longer an aspiring business man’s schedule falls in the 9-5 time frame. In the early stages at least, it might assume a 24x7 schedule, with many sleepless nights as well. 

The first and foremost thing an aspiring business person should have is a Bright Idea, a practical one as to what to do regarding business and something you love to do. This could be based on your work experience, area of expertise, or by reading the current and future market trends in the economy of your country of residence. For example, Larry Page and Sergey Brin built Google solely based on their academic knowledge, while Wal-Mart simply exploited the then lack of retail chains in the US. A lot depends on the customers as well for no product or service can be sold without a customer base to buy it.

Steps to Start Your Own Business

It goes without mention that the business, the service or product, should cater to the customer demand at the end of the day. Also, one should be passionate about his/her goals. It is important to be passionate because then you won’t notice that you’re pouring your guts out at all. To say the least, it is going to be mentally and physically challenging the entire exercise is. Be prepared for it and do it whole heartedly!

Once been clear in mind about the thing around which you want to build your business, it is time to make the Business Plan, as to how to work the entire thing out in a feasible way. A business plan is where you jolt down your short term and long term goals, allocate resources, prepare for issues, strategize your moves, put together a management team to start with, and plan the budget. There are standard and proven business plans you could find in the internet, referring to those will help you to put things in order in a systematic manner. A business plan is crucial for any startup for it is what that actually brings in investors. A systematically written business plan indicates proper planning for the venture, and this is what investors who are putting in money want in the first place.

Make no mistake; preparing a business plan is nothing short of a daunting task. Also, in all likelihood, the first written business plan may not be so great. Be prepared to review and revise it many times, even after your business is up and running for a decade or more.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

14 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea, originated in China, is nowadays very popular one due to its amazing health benefits. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on human body. Below are the 4 health benefits of green tea that are supported by studies.

Fourteen Health Benefits of Green Tea

Healthy Hair
Fight Acne
Brain Power
Hydrate Skin
Healthy Heart
Weight Loss
Relives Headache
Boost Immunity
Teeth & Gums
Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Prevent Bad Breath
Soothe Sunburn
Detoxify Body

14 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Haridwar Hindu Pilgrimage Site in Uttarakhand

Haridwar, also spelled Hardwar, located in Uttarakhand is one of the most holiest Hindu city in India. Haridwar is located at a distance of 214 km from Delhi. Haridwar is also known as ‘the gateway to the god’s’. It is the seven holiest places according to Hindu Mythology.

The most important places to visit in Haridwar are:

Ganga Aarti
Har Ki Pauri
Chandi Devi Temple
Mansa Devi Temple
Gau Ghat
Vaishno Devi Temple
Gourisankar Mahadev Temple
Vishnu Ghat
Anandamayi Maa Ashram
Shri Chintamani Parshwnath Jain Shwetambar Mandir
Parad Shivling
Bharat Mata Mandir
Uma Maheswar Sanyas Ashram

The best time to visit Haridwar is October to March.

Haridwar Hindu Pilgrimage Site in Uttarakhand

How to Reach

Haridwar is well connected by National Highway 58 between Delhi and Mana Pass. 

Monday, 6 January 2020

Where to Find the Right Website Template

There are several factors to consider when you are trying to figure out how to select the right website template for your web page. First, are you designing the page to be a personal site or a business site, and, in addition, are you redesigning an existing site or building one from the ground up?

If your site is to be a personal website containing information about your family, friends, hobbies, etc., you could probably choose the right website template from a list of free ones. Many companies offer free hosting services as well as free website templates. They are often very easy to use and can aid greatly in getting the right look for your web site.

If you are trying to choose the right website template for a business, you may want to fork out a little cash for a professionally designed site. These can be found in many places, with specifications varying from place to place. It is advised that you shop around for a while first, comparing prices and services of each company.

Where to Find the Right Website Template

When redesigning an existing site, you will want to make sure that the web site template you choose will be compatible with the information already contained in the site. The right template should allow for seamless swapping of images, texts, and programs. For example, if you have a series of images in a .jpg format, you should check to make sure they will be unaltered when uploaded to the new design. The same goes for chat utilities, videos, and other documents.

Often, if you choose the right web site template, in the long run you will save much time, energy, and effort. And for businesses, consider that a little expense in the present can prevent much in the future. Consider a web site template an investment, and as such it should be treated like one. Make sure that your template is guaranteed to be free of defects. A warranty is good protection, but it is only as good as the company which creates it.

If you don’t plan on buying a template, you may want to choose one to study for ideas. There are many great layouts on the internet and you are sure to find one that suits your needs. But don’t get distracted by the prefabricated structures; after all, the right web site template for you may be floating around in your head.

The National Museum New Delhi India

The National Museum in Delhi is often referred as the National Museum of India. It is one of the largest Indian museums holding over 2, 00,000 works of excellent art, both Indian and foreign origin which dates back to 5000 years of our cultural legacy. It is located on the corner of Janpath and Maulana Azad Road.

Museum Timings:

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 A.M. to 6 P.M
Monday - Closed for visitors.

National Museum’s affluent congregation ranges from prehistoric archaeology to contemporary tribal and folk-art objects. This includes a prestigious collection of approximately 800 sculptures mostly of stone, bronze and terracotta dating from 3rd century B.C., through the 19th century A.D., embodying all major regions, periods and schools of art such as from Harappan civilization, Buddhist art and archaeology, Indian miniature paintings, evolution of Indian scripts and coins, central Asian Antiquity, coins, Indian textiles, wood carvings, musical instruments, arms ,and armours.

The National Museum New Delhi India

Audio tour is also available in English, French, German, Japanese and Hindi languages.  The Museum contains much more than what is depicted and one has to visit to understand the heritage.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

How Green Tea helps in Weight Loss

Well, the results are back, and it's true. Green Tea helps you loss weight. In a small study that was done on over 35 men, they saw that men that ate the same things over the course of three months lost more weight if they were drinking Green Tea. So why is that? After all, most of us know that things like Black tea and Oolong tea come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, as Green Tea.

Read 14 Health Benefits of Green Tea

So why is the Green tea so much better for you? Well, this has a lot to do with the fact that unlike Black tea and Oolong tea, Green tea is not fermented. This must play a big role in why it is so good for you. Most teas do have a lot of the same things in them. For example, all teas have polyphenols in them, which is actually an antioxidant that can help fight cancer. Of course, for the purpose of this conversation, it is important to point out that green tea is a lot richer in the amounts of polyphenols that it has in it.

We know that the antioxidant is good at fighting cancer, but we also found out (from animal testing) that it can has an effect on the bodies fat accumulation. People who drink green tea have a better chance of lowering their body weight and taking inches off of their waist. It's as simple as that.

How Green Tea helps in Weight Loss

However, green tea does so much more than just help you lose weight. It also can help lower the LDL, bad cholesterol, in your body. This means that with green tea and exercise, you will not only lose weight, but you can be a healthier person all around. Of course, just like any diet, you still have to watch what you eat.

The green tea is not a magic pill that you can take that is going to start making you lose weight, it just adds losing weight to its benefits. That is something that is very important to remember before you get on the green tea diet.

Any diet that can make you lose weight without you having to change your lifestyle is too good to be true, and is more than likely doing more harm to your body than good. All diets are different, and it is always good to do a little bit of research on a topic before you choose to use it as your weight loss diet.

Steps to Start Your Own Business

First Thing You Would Need To Do When Considering Starting Your Own Business. The spark or inspiration for starting one’s own business coul...